Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Services

Dear Devotees,

Advaita Ashrama (Kolkata) conducted a sixth round of relief work from July 07 to July 09, 2020, providing rations to 150 families, all poor and daily wage earners, affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.

In the six rounds, Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata distributed 3762 kg of rice, 3700 kg of wheat flour, 750 kg of dal, 370 kg of mustard oil, 315 kg of salt and 740 bars of soap among 752 families of Kolkata district from 1 April to 09 July 2020.

A few photographs of the entire Relief work are available at the below link:

This humble service for the benefit of the poor and the distressed has been possible through the continued support from large-hearted donors, devotees and well-wishers. Our heartfelt thanks to all of them.

We have received donations totaling Rs. 4,22,895/- in the past four months for this work, out of which an amount of Rs. 3,77,254/- has been spent so far.

With many of the public and private establishments opening up slowly, we are winding up this relief work to focus on our regular services. Hence, we request all prospective donors to stop donating for COVID relief work; if they wish they can donate to our regular service activities using the link below:

With our prayers for everyone’s health and safety, we remain yours in the service of humanity.

Advaita Ashrama Team
July 17, 2020



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