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Thinking and Sharing Experience

What is thinking? It is a process of mentation. The ideas of doership and enjoyership emerge because of one’s attachment to the ideas of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. ‘I’ refers to the sense of ego and ‘mine’ refers to the sense of possession or emphasising the ego. The ego gets accentuated by connecting it to bodies, […]

Don’t Teach Religion to India!

The colonial hangover is not yet over. The previously colonised races are still living in the shadows of a dream-world of living that never was, a patronage of the all-powerful, all-knowing colonisers that never existed, and reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when everything was so smooth and easy, when everything had been taken care […]

Self-Interest Vs Collective Interest

It is common nowadays to see people more concerned about their selfish interests than the interests of the organisation or community that they belong to. All this they do in desperate bids for self-preservation. Often it is the contention of team leaders that the team members do not put enough effort for the collective interest […]


  It is quite trendy to follow what is trending these days. One wears what is the fashion, talks what is the fad, eats in places that are happening, watches movies that have rave reviews, buys mobile phones with highest star ratings, and sheepishly surrenders one’s wit and will to the scales of five-star markings, […]

Yoga: The Technology of Mind Management

   The mind is the key to everything. Without the mind, we cannot accomplish anything. All our sense organs need the mind to complete the process of gathering information or knowledge from the outside world. The human mind is indeed a fine instrument. But, this is only the positive side. When one tries to use the mind effectively to carry […]

A Crowd of Fools

It is in the very human nature to strive for excellence. All human pursuits are geared up for attaining excellence. Even an apparently lazy person wants to excel in the pursuit of laziness and goes to great lengths to  prove that it is quite possible to live a life without doing any kind of practical work! It is another matter that such […]