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The Poverty Mindset

Once, a monk of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission asked the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi how to deal with wealthy people who came for free treatment at a dispensary run for the poor. The Holy Mother answered that these wealthy people should also be treated as poor because anyone who begs is a poor person. This is a succinct description of the poverty mindset. Anyone who thinks that one does not have enough wealth, learning, wisdom, influence, or other resource, in spite of having these things on an above average level, is a person who is suffering from the poverty mindset.

Can Religion Be Avoided?

One of the unique teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda is their emphasis on the practice of religion. They, like many mystical saints across religions, stressed on experiencing religion. Religion was not to be seen as a mere web of theories, doctrines, and philosophies, but religion had to be made palpable, living, and dynamic in every aspect of human life.

The Sun is My Clock

You are not an owl. Neither are you a bat. You are a human being. But do you remember this? Do you remember that you are a diurnal being and not a nocturnal living being like an owl or a bat? Do you remember this when you try bingeing on your favourite Web series or […]

Voices Against Monasticism

Monasticism and the monastics that this tradition has produced have been considered one of the greatest assets of human civilisation. Society has mostly revered this segment of the human population. The main reason for this reverence is the basic feature of monasticism: renunciation. It is quite difficult to live a life of true renunciation. And […]

The Need for Multifarious Sports

WE HUMAN BEINGS HAVE been endowed with a highly advanced and sophisticated machinery in the human body. It is our responsibility to maintain this body in good shape and ensure that it remains healthy during its lifetime. To achieve this, we have to ensure that food, rest, and exercise are optimally available to the body. […]

Transcending Happiness

Yes, you read it right. We need to overcome happiness. Though we are bombarded since our childhood with the idea that to be happy is the goal of human life, the human condition does not show signs of being at peace with happiness. We would now attempt to briefly discuss this apparent paradox. Since the […]

From Underperformance to Beyond performance

We undertake to perform and often underperform. We aim to do a task and have the confidence and ability to do it. However, we have hurdles to tackle. The biggest hurdle is that of lack of clarity. That in turn leads to fear, delusion, and confusion. We get confused about our aims, our confidence wavers, […]

The Ride We Seldom Take

The human life is full of journeys. The entire life itself is a big journey that has many small and long journeys interspersed within it. We have many destinations, one leads to the other. Some destinations become the starting points to newer destinations. We take many journeys, we miss some, and forget to take some […]