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Enlightening Stories

‘Enlightening Stories’ is a collection of 74 stories culled from the Indian and other religious traditions. Geographically, they range from the jungles of India to the deserts of the Middle East and the hills of Italy; historically, from the Vedic period to the 20th century; culturally, from the Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, and Christian traditions. Wide-ranging and eclectic, they reflect our rich heritage and illustrate the universality of spiritual truth.


See God with Open Eyes

In this book, Swami Chetanananda addresses the issue of meditation and the manner in which the practice of meditation may lead the seeker to actually “see” God. The various chapters focus on how Ramakrishna himself can become an object of meditation: his physical form, his mind, his divine qualities, and so forth. The book is also a rich source of anecdotes from the life of Ramakrishna.


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