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Swami Premananda


Swami Premanandaji’s Visit 1901 7 July: Swami Premananda arrives at about 8:30 with Suresh (who met him 4 miles past Devidhura) and Dhanlal of Almora. Jaydeva was sent to Almora with the dandy in which Swami Premananda came.

22 September: Swami Premananda and Swarupananda leave for Calcutta at noon.

Swami Subodhananda



Swami Subodhanandaji’s Visit 1902 13 January: Swami Subodhananda and Chinta arrive here from Haldwani (via Pilibhit) after 3 p.m.

30 March: Swami Subodhananda went to see the Lohaghat Hospital.

20 April: Miss MacLeod and Swami Subodhananda left in the morning.

10 May: Miss Greenstidel, Swami Sadananda, Swami Subodhananda, Suren (Swamiji’s nephew) and Gargi (Gangi?) reach here at about 5:30 p.m.

8 August: Subodh Maharaj left.

1904 3 February: Letter from Govind Lal asking to send Kanai Maharaj to attend upon Subodh Maharaj at Almora who is unwell.

4 February: Govind Lal writes Subodh Maharaj is better and there is no need to send anybody. Prakashananda who got ready to start did not go to Almora.

2 April: Letter from Subodh Maharaj that he will start from Almora on the 3rd.

5 April: Subodh Maharaj arrives in the morning with a coolie from Almora.

5 June: All except Amrita[nanda], Mc. C., Subodh Maharaj and Doctor go out to Dharmagarh and Ekhathiyanoula.

22 September: Subodh Maharaj, Kanai M. and Mohan Lal go to fish down in the stream and catch some fish.

1 October: Swamis P., Subodhananda, Kanai and Ramchanda row on the lake.

2 November: Swamis Subodhananda and Nirbhayananda leave for Almora in the morning with Naria.

Swami Turiyananda

Swami Turiyanandaji’s Visit 1905 1 March: News received from Mother that Swami Turiyananda, Swami Subodhananda and Krishnalal arrived at Pilibhit on 25th Ult.

30 March: Swami Turiyananda and Amritananda came at 5 o’clock in the evening. Prem Sing comes back with S.T.

3 May: Swami Turiyananda , S.P., R.C. and Mr. Natekar went to Dharamghar.

7 May: Swami Turiyananda, S.P. R.C. and Mr. Natekar go to Lohaghat.

9 May: Tailor comes and brings caps and long coat of Swami Turiyananda. Long coat of Swami Turiyananda returned as it was too big.

25 May: Swamis see one leopard in the Ashrama compound under the wild pear tree.

4 June: Swami Turiyananda , S.S. and S.P. go out for an excursion in the morning and come back in the evening. Chandan Singh goes to post and accompanies Swamis.

21 September: Blacksmith Shakti brings Swami Turiyananda's billstick.

1 October: Swami Turiyananda., S. Prak, S. Param and S.K. go put signpost at the school-house.

18 October: Swami Turiyananda and S.K. start for Almora. Nayan Sing and Kshemia go with them.

Swami Sardananda
Swami Saradanandaji’s Visit 1906 24 July: Swami Saradananda and Swami Kanai arrive at 11:50 in the morning.

2 August: Narottam of Phoorty takes 3 notes of Rs. 100 each and gives the amount. 200 of Mother and 100 of Saradananda.

6 August: Swami Saradananda leaves the Ashrama with Swami Kanai at 2:30 p.m.