Prabuddha Bharata
  • Prabuddha Bharata

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  • Publisher: Advaita Ashrama
  • Weight: 380 | No. of Songs 0
  • Code: ACD006
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Prabuddha Bharata, started in 1896 under the inspiration of Swami Vivekananda to preach the message of Eternal India and thus create an awareness of strength, both moral and spiritual, amongst the people of the world, has dedicated itself to the service of humanity for more than a hundred years.   This DVD contains all the issues of Prabuddha Bharata from its inception till December 2009. It has the following features:

• All the issues of Prabuddha Bharata in digital format that will enable you to:

  • Rediscover each page in its original format
  • Browse the Articles’ and Authors’ Index
  • Search for Articles and Authors
  • Print each page
  • Search text
  • Copy and paste text
  • Navigate easily between Years, Articles, & Authors

• Swamiji’s poem to Prabuddha Bharata

• A short history of the journal

• Photo Gallery